Relationships: 10 ways to keep your BF/GF happy!


1: Make an effort, wear some  makeup, but not too much because you don’t wanna look like a slut or attract to much attention and that eyeshadow colour is too much.

2: Spend all your time with them, relationships are important and your partner deserves all of your time, your friends aren’t your real friends anyway they don’t matter!

3: if they don’t like the way you dress, asking them how they want you to dress is a great idea, only wear outfits they like, you don’t want to look unattractive for your lover.

4: If your partner is going through a tough time, make sure you take care of them, even if that means putting your emotions and feelings on hold, after all, their problems are worse then yours.

5: Don’t be too needy, let them decide when they want to see you, but if you make plans, and they want to see you, drop it, they are number 1.

6: If he/she tells you that you should loose weight or stop eating so much, you should listen, after all no one wants a fat lover.

7: If you wanna go to the movies, or out for dinner, or listen to your favourite band, don’t, he/she doesn’t like the same things as you and its just rude to expect them to want to.

8: Why would you expect him/her to spend all their money on you, you can pay for things.

9: Always apologise, if you think it wasn’t your fault it probably was, so just say sorry and that you wont do it again.

10: If you don’t want sex, no means pursued me, you are never too tired for sex, fur fill you partners needs and don’t be selfish, after all you like it forceful and rough right?

And thats 10 ways to keep your partner happy, hope you guys enjoyed this post!

In the words of Cher Horowitz: AS IF…

I wanted to do this post to talk about emotional abuse in relationships and how hard it is to see that you are in one. Emotional abuse is just as bad if not worse then physical abuse. People go crazy when they are in relationships and I know far too many people who are in bad relationships but kid themselves into thinking the way they behave is normal, when it isn’t. When you are in a relationship, it isn’t an ownership, you do not own your partner. Boys and girls can be the abusers, saying that girls cant abuse is worse then saying every man is a rapist. I’ve seen a lot online lately about being a “Psycho bitch” and it has almost become a trend, I have several friends on face book that constantly share things relating to these posts and think men ow them a favour and I’m just like??? Its disgusting. The whole trend of being a ‘psycho girl’ is really fucking unhealthy and makes me so mad, there is nothing cute about being a ‘psycho’ and if all these memes and videos were about men to women, everyone would flip their shit, imagine how many feminazis would go full hairy armpit. (I’m not bashing pit hair chill I have it)

12 Signs That Your Girlfriend Is a Total Psycho

^ this post explains the psycho girlfriend, constantly jealous, checking your phone, asking where you are, not letting you look at any other women or watch porn, threatening to kill herself…

If men behave like this they are ‘pigs’ and ‘don’t deserve any woman’ but with women it seems to be brushed off?

“Oh but she’s had some real pigs in her time she just loves him”

“but its her man he should respect her”


Your gender, age, sexual orientation, mental health issues or past relationships are not excuses you can use for treating your partner like shit. Nothing excuses treating another person like shit. People forget how dangerous it is to treat a person like this. Outsiders either notice very easily or completely ignore when someone is being emotionally abused. Unless you have been through it yourself it is a lot harder to notice and that is why I want to talk about it, It gets to a point where you are so naive to your own abuse you are just constantly apologising for their actions and lack of/over dramatic emotions.

People who emotionally or psychically abuse partners are disgusting people, lack of self esteem is a key factor for abusers. They have so much self doubt and paranoia that they feel the need to bash someone else’s self worth down to the point of now return. They have to make you feel so insignificant and worthless to gain a sense of power and confidence. It must be great for them, why wouldn’t they want full power over a person who is too low to leave them, They have a person at their every whim doing whatever they say, you turn into their own personal carer, plaything and diary with no consideration for you as a human. What he says go, don’t go anywhere without her, his emotions are more important then yours so don’t even bother claiming to have your own. You loose complete regard for your feelings and even once you get out of the relationship it will leave you fucked up.

Manipulation is not an essential part of a relationship, in fact it shouldn’t exist. Love is about trust, loyalty and happiness, If your other half isn’t giving you that and treating you right they aren’t your other half. Its hard, it’s really fucking hard to admit you are being abused and to get out of a relationship, hell its hard enough just having your heartbroken without the added strain on your mind and feelings. If you are in an abusive relationship, please take notice of the negative way they are treating you, it doesn’t matter how much you love them they DO NOT love you back. You may feel completely useless and weak and your heart might ache for months after but please, get out. You will find the person that makes you happy one day and they will not get jealous or be clingy or stop you seeing your loved ones or tell you that your fat or ignore for weeks because you argued back or make you have sex with them even though you’re exhausted and use the reason “but I always fuck you when you want it” or only take note of your pleasure when they feel like it or moan every time you eat what they eat because you should be on a diet…

Or constantly pretend they love you when in the end all you were to them was an emotional support and a lay.

That is not love.

When you find real love it really is just like the movies so don’t ever settle for anything less, or be told you have stupid ideals on what love is. I hope this helps at least one person and I love every person who bothers to read my posts.



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