“Dont knock masturabtion… It’s sex with someone I love”

No sadly that isn’t my own quote, it was said by Woody Allen, however it is hilariously true. Female masturbation is a no go zone for most girls, we are raised so sexually shamed that once we do discover our own bodies we don’t talk about it because its “gross” well I want to change that. I was contacted by Smile Makers to create a post about female masturbation and well being and of course I jumped at the opportunity  because I love the company and their philosophy…



“We are on a mission to normalise sexual wellbeing products and reframe them as a natural and healthy part of life and beauty care! Smile Makers is inspired by the belief that beauty starts with a smile.When you’re smiling on the inside, you smile on the outside.
And nothing is more gorgeous than that.”

Smile makers sell a range of four different massagers and a range of lubricants in SuperDrug and aim to incorporate masturbation into women’s lives as part of their beauty regime. I don’t know about you but I know for a fact that I have always enjoyed masturbation from the age of around 15 and feel it is a very healthy thing to do. Sex of course is between two people but if you don’t know your own body, it really won’t be top notch. As young women we should be taught about things like female masturbation, the pro’s and dangers of tampons, sexual assault, shaving, looking after our skin, real things and real problems that women deal with every day and that is why I like to discuss things like it on my blog.



Of course I remember the awkward first time learning what ovaries are and how babies are made, and putting a condom on a banana during the most innocent years (personally) of my life. I didn’t have a clue what sex was until I was at least 15… I had no clue why I was putting some strange gooey rubber bag on a banana, it was just funny. Then that awkward first time you insert a tampon and the sensation of putting something up their felt kind of good and you didn’t quite know why… until of course you push the tampon up inside you and that nice feeling is replaced with a cotton sausage rubbing against your now dry vagina.

It was around this time I started exploring, then started watching porn (which I personally didn’t feel effected how I viewed sex or what I look like, I guess I was too turned on to care)  and really became obsessed with the feelings… but I thought I was the only girl in the world who was doing it. I would go into school constantly curious if anyone else did it, none of my friends even spoke about it (If you can’t already tell my sex life was very slow starting I wasn’t the most popular teenage girl) I felt like a freak. Of course once I left school and had the glorious (or not so much) experience of loosing my virginity I realised that sex is quite a normal thing. It wasn’t until I entered a long term relationship at 17 that I realised how fun toys are and that going shopping and coming back with new things to try in the bedroom was super exciting. It started with a tiny gold Ann Summers bullet and slowly grew into a collection that now holds all sort of contraptions. I had finally found that masturbating and sex and toys all go hand in hand, or hand in vagina.

8/10 women feel that self-pleasuring improves overall wellbeing.

7/10 say that self-pleasuring makes them feel beautiful.

Smile Makers as a company as just all round really incredible, I’m proud to review and talk about a company that is teaching women to be happy sexually and explore themselves physically and mentally so they can have better sex and a healthy lifestyle.

“Having a fulfilling sex life clearly contributes to good physical and psychological health, whether the satisfaction is obtained solo or between two persons. Self-exploration is an important step in the human psychosexual development, which allows one to discover and better know one’s body, its sensations and erogenous zones. Vibrators are very useful for learning feminine pleasure.”

Dr. Juliette Buffat
Psychiatrist and Sexologist

So for this post I was sent two of the massagers specifically for this post and of course I was very excited to use them. The hilarious names and fun shapes of the vibrators really proves how fun Smile Makers are as a company and that not everything is so sexually serious. The toys are Both fully waterproof, completely body safe and very quiet compared to other vibrators I’ve used. They also only use one AAA battery which is amazing because masturbation gets expensive with those bad boys. So, lets gets vibrating.

Firstly The Millionare  (shaped like a cigar)


As the philosophy for smile makers is about female masturbation being a part of your beauty routine I decided to photograph it within mine. The sleek design and pastel purple colour made me think of when you are getting ready for a night out and all the things I use. It is all very fast and up in the air when you get all dressed up to go out. There’s priming and prepping, plucking and filing, then you shower and shave, choose an outfit (to go on top of your killer lingerie) and do your makeup. During that whole show you might just fancy ‘sorting yourself out’ before you go. Of course if you are in a hurry The Millionaire is your man (I wish the millionaire was my man in real life too it’s ok…) Out of the two  I’ve gotta say the Millionaire gets you there quicker and is slightly more powerful. It is so quiet and super smooth/easy to hold. You can use it before your shower, during your shower, or after your afternoon nap you had to have because you are already hungover from the night before (We’ve all been there) …

Next, The Frenchman (linguistically skilled)


The pastel blue hues of the Frenchman reminded me of health and how being sexually active and pleasured is a part of our lives. More so for those quiet nights in, maybe when you feel a bit under the weather, maybe you’re on your period (yes using a vibrator when you have a tampon in is fine if you are horny, you are HORNY) or maybe you and your man (or lady) just want to try something new. Whatever you do, it is essential that you practice safe sex, condoms and contraceptives are very important especially for young single people! So unwind, have a wash, clean your teeth (no one wants to kiss stinky breath) wrap it up and enjoy. The Frenchman does resemble the feeling of receiving head so I personally find it more arousing, its very gentle and a lot more calm then the Millionaire but still gets you there in a more passionate way, which is why I think it would be a fun one to use as a couple for those lovey dovey nights in.

So that concludes this post, I really hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to check out SmileMakers at Superdrug. Masturbation and sex are natural and necessary for a healthy happy life so don’t be ashamed and don’t punish yourself for being horny. Stay safe and healthy and as always sassy!

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